Hi, i'm angel!

Are you looking for something out-of-the-ordinary? Quirky? Non-traditional? Me too! And I would love to capture your style in portraits!

Let your flag fly!

All of us are unique, and that's what makes us great! Portraits are a great way to capture your story, whether you want an intimate style or a bold edgy feel.

Gardens, beaches, forests, city streets, old movie theatres, libraries, even your backyard is the perfect location to show who you are! (Seriously, if you know of any old movie theatre locations, let me know!)

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I love capturing peoples' personalities and their quirkiness; whatever it is that makes you who you are! If you're into non-traditional portrait shoots, I'd love to capture that for you! (Cemeteries make great photo locations!)

So let's get together and make memories! Even quirky ones!

~ The Deviant Angel