Who am I?

I'm glad you asked! My name really is Angel, and before you ask; no, it doesn't have any connotation to anything spiritual.

I have always had a camera since middle school. I love landscapes and nature, and people and their pets too! I started out with school portraits back in the days of film, have worked as a church directory photographer, and in late 2022 launched my own photography business. I love to travel and those travels have taken me to 21 states, and Australia. (I lived abroad there for three and a half years, and it was amazing, but that's another story!)

So Why Deviant as a Name?

Deviant can describe anything outside of the normal. What is normal anyway? Aren't we all just a little 'off' in our own ways? That 'off-ness' is what make us unique, what makes us who we really are. Being a bit deviant can allow us to showcase who we are; accept each other for who they are; and allow others to express themselves in their own ways.

You want to get married in something other than white? Many cultures use a variety of colors in wedding ceremonies! Prom coming up? There are so many eras you could dress up in; victorian steampunk gown, roaring 20s, or space operas! You would definitely stand out from the crowd! Need portraits of your family? You love Star Wars, so why not dress up as Jedi masters with their Padawans!

So let's get a little deviant and showcase our unique, fun, and quirky sides! I look forward to working with you!

~ The Deviant Angel

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